Kettlebell Training

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It’s a piece of workout equipment with a long history that is gaining new life in the United States: kettlebells.  A kettlebell is basically a metal ball with a handle.  This traditional exercise tool has been used in Russia for hundreds of years to train athletes and Olympians.

In recent years, it has emerged as a popular exercise product in the US.  Don’t be intimidated; while traditionally kettlebells are made using cast iron, modern versions are often covered with vinyl or rubber to make them more user-friendly.

Many gyms are catching on to the trend, and are beginning to buy kettlebells and offer courses on how to properly use them.  When utilized correctly, kettlebells may provide a full-body workout and allow you to burn lots of calories.   So, I’m sure you can see how they’ve become such a hit!

Check out your own gym and find out if it offers classes on using kettlebells; this will allow you to mix up your workout and see some new results.

Kettlebell Exercise Videos

How do to a Kettlebell Swing:

How to do a Kettlebell Turkish Getup:


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