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When it comes to salad dressing, are you better off spritzing or dipping than you are dousing?

Everyone knows by now that they should try to eat more salads.  But, what is a salad without a good dressing?  The problem is: once you start dumping dressing on your leafy greens, suddenly they aren’t so healthy anymore.  An even worse approach is to allow a restaurant to mix the dressing in with the salad.  I’m sure we’ve all been served a salad only to find our lettuce drowning in the dressing.

This is what I’ve learned: I always ask for the dressing on the side.  Then, I dip my fork into the dressing before stabbing the salad.  This allows me to reduce the calories from dressing and there is always the perfect amount on every bite.  Another option for when you’re at home is to try the salad spritzers.  This is another way to coat every bit and to know exactly how many calories you are adding to your salad.

Just remember, one of the first ingredients in most salad dressings is high fructose corn syrup so there isn’t really going to be a good way to add this into your diet.

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