Stretching Techniques

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Hopefully, by now, we all realize the importance of stretching.  So, I’d like to explain a little more about some different types of stretching.  The two primary categories for stretches are active and passive; active stretching is when a person uses his or her own force, whereas passive stretching is where someone or something else provides the force.

Static, ballistic and dynamic stretches are the most common types of stretching and are most commonly done without a partner.  Static stretching is a slow, controlled stretch that is usually held for a minimum of 30 seconds.  This type includes many basics, such as reaching for your toes.  Ballistic stretching is similar, but it involves bouncing.  This type is not generally used by recreational athletes because it has a higher probability of injury than static stretching.  Lastly, dynamic stretching involves movement that can be viewed more as a warm-up for a specific range of motion.

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