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Fitness Attack Book 2: Fitness Made Too Easy

101 MORE Tips and Tricks on How to Attain and Maintain a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle from Fitness Guru, Amy Mac

Fitness and healthy living can be overwhelming but I created this book to eliminate that feeling. Don’t feel pressure to read it cover to cover or commit to every tip. The tips are all ideas, inspiration, reminders and little nudges to help you become a better, healthier you. I’m a huge advocate of making small lifestyle changes that will add up over time.
If you are new to my health and fitness philosophy or just want to know what kind of book this is, check out the blog posts listed below that are based on the tips in the book.

On Sale NOW!

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    Fitness Attack 2: Fitness Make Too Easy Sneak Peek Blog Tips!

  1. Barefoot Walking
  2. Butternut Squash
  3. Canned Soups
  4. Health Benefits of Cinnamon
  5. Core Strengthening: Back
  6. Core Strengthening: Obliques
  7. Core Strengthening: Rectus Abdominus
  8. Core Strengthening: Transverse Abdominus
  9. Food Cravings
  10. Honey Health Benefits
  11. Need for Detox?
  12. Foodborne Illness
  13. Fiber
  14. Social Obesity
  15. Leftovers: How Long?
  16. Kettlebell Training
  17. Reading Nutrition Labels
  18. Nutrition Info Labels
  19. Benefits of Olive Oil
  20. Osteoporosis and Exercise
  21. Coffee vs Nap
  22. Protein Requirements
  23. Salad Dressing Nutrition Info
  24. TV and Overeating
  25. Soda Alternative
  26. SPF Defined
  27. Stability Balls
  28. Stretching Techniques
  29. Vitamin D Needs
  30. Food Intolerances & Allergies
  31. Food Terms Defined
  32. Alcohol and Losing Weight
  33. Cardio vs Fat Burning Zone
  34. Post Workout Snack
  35. Workout While Watching TV
  36. Easy Ways to Lose Weight – Clothing!
  37. Fiber
  38. Benefits of Folic Acid
  39. Ginger Root Alternative Medicine
  40. Cooking with Herbs
  41. Healthy Sleep
  42. Best Organic Foods
  43. Healthy Snack: Popcorn
  44. Exercise When Sick
  45. Weight Lifting Basics
  46. Health Benefits of Walnuts
  47. Tips for Joining a Gym
  48. Hot Sauce Health Benefits
  49. Benefits of Group Fitness
  50. Healthy Cheese
  51. Beat the Fitness Slump
  52. Love Exercise
  53. Exercise Anywhere
  54. Exercise Plan
  55. Setting Goals
  56. Health Benefits of Apples
  57. Health Benefits of Avocados
  58. Health Benefits of Beer
  59. Health Benefits of Beets
  60. Health Benefits of Black Beans
  61. Exercise Multi-Tasking
  62. Blue Corn Chips
  63. Cardio Exercise
  64. Cost of Obesity
  65. Edamame Beans Nutritional Value
  66. Weight Loss Motivation
  67. Savor the Flavor
  68. Cortisol: Weight Gain Cause?
  69. Emotional Eating
  70. Friends Make You Fat
  71. Nutritional Value: Lettuce
  72. Lunges Technique
  73. Maximize Your Workout
  74. Unclutter Your Wallet
  75. Tomato Nutrition
  76. Spring Cleaning List
  77. Define: Natural Eating
  78. Flu Fighters
  79. Food Journal
  80. Gym Germs
  81. Prevent IT Band Injuries
  82. Eating Healthy at Restaurants
  83. Salad Dressing Nutrition
  84. Shredded Food
  85. Clean Eating
  86. Coffee House Menu Picks
  87. HIIT
  88. Diet Killing Condiments
  89. Plantar Fasciitis
  90. Pomegranate Health Benefits
  91. Hamstring Injuries

Fitness Attack, the book, was released on 2/29/2008 and became an Amazon Best-Seller in the Family Health section. Now, 2 1/2 years later, Fitness Attack 2: Fitness Made Too Easy is going to release with an additional 101 tips, PLUS recipes! These fitness books are easy reads because you can just flip through and find a tip or two at a time that catch your eye.  This makes it easy to understand and implement the ideas into your daily life.  To get a free e-copy of Fitness Attack, sign up for our monthly health and fitness newsletter.


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