Workout While Watching TV

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If you’re a TV watcher and yet can’t seem to find the time to work out, then try combining them!

I used to do this myself back when I was working the nine-to-five grind at an office.  During my favorite shows that I just couldn’t miss, I would do crunches, squats and push-ups during the commercial breaks.  Since, on average, commercial breaks are around three minutes, you should be able to sprint through some exercises.

Awhile back, I read a post on that walked through how much impact these three minute breaks could have on your overall health.  A prime example:  If you watch three hours of TV everyday and spent the commercial breaks stepping up and down on an eight inch box, you could potentially shed up to 50lbs per year!

So, the next time you’re watching your favorite show, try doing some exercises during the breaks.  I think you’ll be surprised at just how much better it can make you feel.

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