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It’s a common belief that organic foods are healthier than their non-organic counterparts.  However, they also come with a hefty price tag.  So, does buying organic have real health benefits?  And, if you’re going to shop for organic products, where should you spend your money?

The most obvious benefit of eating organic is that you aren’t eating all of the pesticides, insecticides, and preservatives that are common in non-organic products.  Clearly, fewer chemicals in our diet is a good thing.

Organic products are not, however, necessarily more nutritious.  Although many people assume that organic foods are healthier, there is no evidence to date that indicates organic produce is nutritionally better or healthier.

I get asked often about which foods should be purchased organic.  Although there are many theories out there, here is mine:

When you eat the skin, like you do with an apple, pear, or berries, buying organic is probably the better option.  Even after you wash your fruits and vegetables, you’re likely still ingesting some of the chemicals.

With foods that have thick skins, like oranges and bananas, the chemicals may never even reach the actual part you eat.  So, you can probably go with the non-organic produce for here.

Not ready to fully commit just yet?  Then you may want to at least consider buying organic for the foods you most commonly eat.  By volume alone, you’ll be consuming fewer chemicals in your diet.

QUICK TIP: It’s very expensive for farmers to become organically certified, and those costs are often passed on to you, the consumer.  If you’re trying to watch the budget, try checking out your local farmers’ market for some fresh and cheap organic foods.

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