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Are you looking for a healthy fall snack?  Maybe it’s time to rethink that old friend: popcorn.  I’m not talking about the butter soaked, over-sized bag you get at the theater, but a more calorie-conscious alternative.

Try popping it on the stove top using a saucepan with just a bit of extra virgin olive oil.  Not only is popcorn a whole grain and good source of dietary fiber, it is naturally low in calories.  On average, one cup of unbuttered, unflavored popcorn is a mere 50 calories!

If you’re looking to give your snack some added pizazz and still keep its nutritional value in check, try seasoning it with a little Mrs. Dash.   For a sweeter alternative, try dusting it with a some cinnamon and Splenda.

Healthy Popcorn Recipes:

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