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When we’re sick, oftentimes the last thing we want to do is work out.  But, whether you want to or not, the real question is whether you should.

If you have a head cold – sore throat, runny nose or headache, then you should probably be able to tough it out through a workout.  Statistically, people that exercise regularly get sick less often and for shorter amounts of time than those who do not exercise regularly.  Also, you might find that getting in a good workout will help you shake off that ill feeling.

If you do decide to workout, though, be sure to keep your germs contained.  Wash your hands often, wipe down any machines you use and take your own mat to yoga or Pilates.  And, of course, please contain your sneezing and coughing; getting your gym friends sick is not cool.

If you have the flu – fever, chest congestion, aches and fatigues – then you should probably spend your energy resting and trying to feel better.  Sometimes it’s OK to miss a workout so that your body can use all of its energy to recover and get rid of that virus.  Remember, sleep is one of the best healers so make sure you get plenty of it.

A simple rule of thumb: Head cold, be bold and workout; if it’s in your chest, then you need to rest!

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