Cost of Obesity

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A while back, I received a health alert from Men’s Health that talked about how we could save money, the environment, and ourselves by exercising and getting rid of obesity.  After some complex calculations, they determined that we spend approximately $487 billion every year as a direct result of obesity!

If you really think about it, though, it makes sense.  Cars and planes would be more fuel efficient if we were lighter, so there would be less money spent there.  We wouldn’t be overeating, which puts a strain on our food production.  We wouldn’t be outgrowing our clothes and needing to replace them.

Perhaps most importantly, we wouldn’t be afflicted with all of the illnesses and issues that result in outrageously high medical bills and loss of productivity at work.  If you break it down, these numbers mean that Americans each spend $4200 annually on costs related to obesity!


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