Lettuce Nutrition

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When you’re purchasing your greens, what do you get?  Do you buy the crispy iceberg lettuce, the dark and rich spinach, or do you go for something more daring like endive or arugula?

If you’re looking to pick the healthiest greens, then you should probably stay away from the iceberg; iceberg is the least nutritional variety of lettuce because it’s mostly water and lacks many of the nutrients that others provide.  Romaine, which is popular for Caesar salads, offers Vitamin C and folate.  Spinach, which is a great substitute for lettuce, is full of Vitamin C and folate, plus it provides a nice dose of calcium.

As a general rule for shopping, try to remember that the greener the lettuce, the healthier it is.  Or, if you’re like me, you can just grab the mixed greens and enjoy all of the flavors and benefits together!


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