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… only 18 days until the book release!



Are you lugging around a giant purse or a heavy wallet and you’d like a way to lighten your load?  Wouldn’t it be nice to dispose of those “preferred shopper” or “membership” cards you carry around for the book store, grocery store, pet store, airline rewards, hotel points, or whatever?

Here’s a simple solution to slim down that I found on Unclutterer awhile back:  Put them into your cell phone as a contact and add the membership number in place of a phone number.  Depending on how your phone organizes, you may want to start off with a dash or a “z” so all of your cards are grouped together and you don’t have to scroll through your friends and family trying to find them.
There are also several smartphone apps that will help you do this as well.  I use CardStar for the iPhone and have found it really helpful in cleaning out my wallet, while making sure I have all my membership numbers nearby! It only took me fifteen minutes to enter all of the cards I was carrying plus some additional ones that I only use occasionally.
Need more incentive?  Sitting on a fat wallet or carrying a heavy purse can both contribute to neck and shoulder strain, lower back pain and affect your overall alignment.


Amy Mac’s 2nd book Fitness Made Too Easy is going to be released on Halloween 2010!  That’s right, 10/31/10! It will feature 101 easy tips to help you live a healthy and fit life! 91 of those tips will be released right here, starting today and going through the launch date. The last 10 tips are EXCLUSIVE to the book so if you want them, you’ll have to buy the book! We are also working on lots of bonus material to overload the book!

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