Tomato Nutrition

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Did you know that a tomato is actually a fruit and not a vegetable?  Tomatoes are the fruit from the tomato plant, but are commonly confused as being a vegetable because they’re not sweet like most other fruits.

One of the best known health benefits of tomatoes is that they are a great source of lycopene.  Lycopene has amazing antioxidant properties that are believed to help prevent a number of different cancers.

Before the discovery of lycopene, tomatoes were known for their wealth of other vitamins including Vitamins A, B, C and K.  In fact, a one cup serving of tomatoes contains over 50% of your daily Vitamin C needs while only contributing an average of 37 calories!

Of course, buying fresh tomatoes is always the best option.  If this is impractical, you can always find them in cans.  Be sure to check the label, though, and verify that there aren’t a lot of additives that will take away from the benefits of eating tomatoes.

Quick Tip: Generally, tomatoes are in peak season between July and September.  That’s a great time to find the best ones and really experience their full flavor!


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