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Eating salads is healthy, right?  It depends.  If you’re picking the wrong salad dressing, you could be adding loads of fat, calories and sugar to your otherwise healthy meal.  If you’d like to keep from turning your salad into junk food, try following these three quick tips:

1. Avoid creamy dressings!  This means no ranch, bleu cheese, or Caesar dressings.  The best way to complement your salad is to stick with oil-based vinaigrettes.  Not only do vinaigrettes generally contain fewer calories, they also are full of “good” fats that are healthy for your heart.

2. When eating out, always get your dressing on the side.  Then, instead of pouring the dressing over the salad, try dipping your fork into it before spearing the salad.  This method will ensure that you get the perfect amount of dressing in every bite.  Plus, I think you’ll be amazed at just how little dressing you actually use.  This, of course, will save on the calories!

3. When eating at home, try making your own dressings.  Basic vinaigrettes are pretty simple to make, and you can find some easy and healthy recipes on my website.

Following these quick tips should help keep your salad on the light side and not sabotage your diet.

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