Killer Condiments

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Diet Killing Condiments

Are you unknowingly sabotaging your healthy diet by using high-calorie condiments?  Let’s assume that you eat a basic deli sandwich for lunch five days a week.  If you use mayo instead of a lower calorie alternative, such as mustard, you’ll need to spend an extra 40 minutes per week on the elliptical to cancel out the calories!

Think it’s OK because you had fresh vegetables as a snack?  Not if you’re dipping in ranch dressing instead of hummus; there’s an extra 50 calories!  Then there’s that baked potato with dinner that you topped with butter and sour cream, which added 130 calories.  If you had used salsa instead, you could have saved up to 120 calories!

Here’s the breakdown:

Standard Calories          Alternative Calories
Mayo 90                           Mustard  9
Ranch 74                         Hummus  27
Butter 102                        Salsa  7.5
Sour cream 26

(Figures based on serving size of one tablespoon and available at

Did you notice that none of the lower calorie alternatives are lacking in flavor?  Plus, switching out some of the heavier options for the lighter ones will make a dent in your waistline!


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