Pomegranate Health Benefits

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I think a lot of us have already tried the pomegranate juice and loved it, despite its fairly high average price.  But, have you ever actually tried to eat a fresh pomegranate?  If you’re like me, you probably passed it by at your grocer’s produce section because you didn’t even realize what it was or how to eat it.

I decided it was time to figure this fruit out, and what I found was surprisingly simple.  As it turns out, you only eat the little beads on the inside.  So, all you need to do is wash the pomegranate and cut it in half, spoon out the little beads, and rinse them before eating.  It’s easy and delicious and only about 100 calories!

To make it better, the little beads of the pomegranate are packed with fiber, potassium and iron.  Plus, they contain more antioxidants than tea or red wine!


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