Hamstring Injury

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It seems like every time I sit down to watch a sporting event on TV, there is somebody who has pulled a hamstring or is recovering from one.  With this being so common, I wondered what could be done to prevent it.

The hamstrings are the set of three muscles on the back of the thigh.  Their functions are to move the leg backwards and to help bend the knee.  They work very closely with the quadriceps, which are the muscles on the front of the thigh.

Many injuries occur because the quad muscles are stronger than the hamstrings and, as a result, end up pushing the hamstrings too far causing strains and tears.  The best method of prevention is through stretching, warming up before strenuous workouts and being sure to strengthen both sets of muscles.   Lunges, squats, yoga and runner stretches are all excellent places to start.


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