Healthy Thanksgiving Ideas

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Everyone always talks about how Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season. It makes sense that this is then where the overeating and food indulgences (not to mention the lack of gym time and the general holiday stress) begin. I, however, think that it starts with Halloween candy and continues all the way through the New Year celebrations and then even has a relapse in February and then spring with Valentine’s Day and Easter (why are those peanut butter eggs sooooo good?!). Plus, the weather and short days aren’t exactly encouragement for exercise and burning all of those extra calories.  It seems like you are doomed.


We can try to be smart, plan ahead, enjoy what the holidays are really about and continue to rock skinny jeans all the way through.  This sounds like a better option to me so let’s start planning. First up, having a healthier Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Feast

  • 2 Bite Rule: Way too many dishes so don’t even try to eat a full serving of any of those side dishes. Get a spoonful of all of them, taste them and then move on.
  • 1 Plate Rule: Savor that first plate instead of wolfing it down and then no going back for seconds! Don’t be a piggy, you can enjoy a turkey sandwich or reheated plate in a few hours for your next meal.
  • Activity: I love the idea of the 5K, walks and other outdoor family activities that are either before or after the big feast! Make exercise part of the tradition!!
  • Lighten Up: Try making 1 dish just a bit more healthy – lots of links below to help you.
  • Leftover Bonanza: Healthy turkey chili, turkey omelets, turkey sandwiches with cranberry instead of mayo… the list goes on and on so make the most of your turkey with healthy leftover recipes and remember portion control!

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