Stability Ball Workouts: Ab Pike Tucks

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Stability ball workouts can sometimes seem too challenging to attempt. Or, if you already do stability wall workouts, you might think that they are just as repetitive as other types of workouts.

If you are one of those that are intimidated – Don’t Be! Start small by trying to balance sitting and then lying on the ball.  Squeeze your butt and stomach to prevent falling over. Remember that using all of those ab muscles to keep you on the ball is part of the exercise, so enjoy feeling those core muscles flex! You can also opt to lay on the floor and put your feet on or over the ball and do ab crunches or bridges. These are both great ways to get started with a balance ball. You also want to make sure that you get the right size exercise ball so check out this quick chart to help you select the right one for you – Stability Ball Size Chart.

If you are bored with stability ball workouts, then look for new fitness moves that will up the intensity and make your workout challenging again.  The Pike Tuck exercise in this fitness video is one that I always enjoy doing but somehow always forget, so this is my reminder to never settle into a routine – there is always a different/better/harder/more fun exercise out there!

In this episode of Fit Life, I give you a fun, rarely used stability ball exercise that works all muscles in the core (stomach, back, butt) plus arms and gives you great results.  I also think that it’s a fun move… but I’ve been told I’m kind of strange when it comes to things like that.

Stability Ball Workout Video:

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