Winter Weight: 3 Tips To Avoid It!

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It’s easy to get sucked into gaining a few extra pounds during the winter.  The clothes are layered on for warmth, the holiday food is in abundance and it’s just way too cold to go outside, let alone exercise! When all of these combine, it’s the perfect scenario for gaining 5 lbs. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Here are 3 tips you can follow to avoid winter weight!

1. Skinny Jeans
Winter clothes are roomier than your summer best, think warm sweater vs. sundress! Finding ways to keep the clothes form fitting, even in the winter months, like wearing skinny jeans, fitted tees under your sweaters and winter skirts with knee high boots will all help to keep you accountable in the chilly months. I wear the same yoga pants all year and they definitely let me know when I’ve eaten too many Christmas cookies!

2. Selective Eating
You’ve heard of selective hearing but selective eating is the new trend! I once read a post where it was stated that one of Paris Hilton’s stay thin secrets was that she tasted everything and ate all of nothing when she is at a social event. I think this is Paris’ a brilliant plan! However, I modify it a bit for the holidays. You know there is going to be a million pitch-ins to attend and so many foods that are delicious and several that are not so fabulous. This is not the time to spare feelings! Survey the table and then select what you REALLY want to eat. Feel free to taste a couple of other things but don’t feel obligated to fit everything on your plate or lick the plate clean.  If someone asks if you tried their dish, simply reply with, “Not yet but I can’t wait!” or “There are so many delicious options, I’m bummed I can’t eat another bite. I hope you bring the dish again!”. Then spend the remainder of the party mingling and socializing, you might never get a chance to get back over the food table.

3. Winter Workout Plan
It’s sad but your Saturday hike just might not make the cut for your winter workout.  (Unless, of course, you like the brisk temperatures.) The good news is that there are several activities that are only available in the winter months. Skiing and ice skating are great calorie burners and very fun in the winter weather. Plan your workout to take advantage of what is available (and enjoyable) in the seasons. I don’t mind the treadmill in the winter, when I can catch up on TV at the same time but during the spring, I want to be outside! Group exercise classes are the perfect winter workout solution because you get to be social, have accountability to make the class and still get a great workout. You might find something you really enjoy and stick with for the full year. Or, you might love it in the winter months and wave goodbye in March until your October return and THAT’S OK!

Here are just 3 simple tips to avoid winter weight gain. Stick with these and by spring, you’ll be begging for warm weather so you can show off your hard work in shorts!

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