New Years Resolutions

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Yet again, the year flew by quickly and we are left in the holiday dust and looking ahead on another new year.  The new year is not just a sign of beginnings, its a time for us to reflect about where we are, where we want to be and where we came from. I’m not sure where New Years Resolutions started but I do know that every year, they are made and then lost or forgotten by February.  To avoid becoming a statistic, I recommend setting small attainable goals that you can meet within a month, then add a new goal every month until either A) you have achieved 12 small goals or B) they all add up to meet your year goal.

“You eat an elephant one bite at a time.”

has been a mantra of mine for years and whenever I get overwhelmed, I sit down and really try to break down the huge tasks into small manageable ones. I encourage you to do the same thing with the life changes you want to make this year and every year.  I love the never-ending optimism of the human spirit that makes us feel the need to cleanse and renew ourselves at the beginning of each year, but I do have to laugh when I see everyone buying totes at the store in hopes of this being the year to get organized. The same goes for the gym, don’t be a resolutioner that breezes in and then out of the gym this year – take these steps to keep your new years resolutions.

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