Stability Ball Workouts: Try these stability ball exercises!

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Stability Ball Workouts! People don’t realize that you can do almost anything with a stability ball! You can easily do a full body workout using just the ball and really see results. Some of the benefits of the stability ball are just that, increased stability and what stabilizes us? That’s right, our core muscles. Doing a crunch on the ball increases your range of motion, therefore giving you maximum benefit. Doing a pushup (hands or feet on the ball) works your butt and abs so you don’t fall over! So if you are tired of lifting the same old weights, or if you want to make your workout more challenging – give these stability ball workouts a try!

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Stability Ball Workouts Beginner?
If you are new to the stability ball workouts, you might just try a few simple exercises so you can acclimate to ball.

First, find the right size ball. Exercise balls come in several sizes, but the most common are 55, 65, and 75 centimeters; size will usually be printed on the side or top.  If you are shorter than 5’7”, you’ll want to use the 55 cm; if you’re between 5’8” and 6’2”, you’ll use a 65 cm; and, if you’re taller than 6’3”, you’ll want to use the 75 cm.  Of course these are just guidelines.  If you can, try all of them and see which one feels the best for you.  They will all likely feel a bit awkward at first, but you’ll adjust.

Next, sit on the ball. That’s right, sit there. Squeeze your stomach so you don’t fall off, sit tall with shoulders back and concentrate on keeping your balance – don’t forget to breathe!

Last step before you are ready to do stability ball exercises! While sitting on the ball, put you hands on your hips and the slowly lift one leg off the ground. Don’t prop it up against the ball! Hold it up and out a few inches and see if you can still keep your balance. Count to 10 and then set it down and switch sides. You are now ready to begin bigger exercises but of course, always consult your physician and be careful!!

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