Working Out Tips: Cross-Training Workouts

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Repetitive injuries are very common for athletes because they are continually doing the same action. This can also be the case for the casual athlete or weekend warrior because we have our favorite activities like running or swimming and therefore continually work the same joints and muscles until they are spent. Without exercising the surrounding muscles and joints, they become weak and therefore can’t help their overused buddies. So…

What is cross training?
“Cross training is typically defined as an exercise regimen that uses several modes of training to develop a specific component of fitness.” ACE Fitness
You’re a runner and you run around a track turning left hundreds of times a week. After a month, your left knee and hip are getting sore. You realize that the repetitive left turns are the culprit but aren’t sure how to fix it, aside from run the other way on the track.

Here are 3 cross training working out tips to help you get started.

Suggestion #1: Add a fully body strength routine to your workout plan.
This would help to strengthen all of your muscles so that they can help to support the heavily used joints and muscle groups.

Suggestion #2: Mix up your cardio.
Have you ever tried swimming? Rowing? Cycling? All of these work different muscle groups so you are still getting a great workout that will help you increase your strength and endurance but also reduce your risk or worsening of an injury.

Suggestion #3: Start stretching.
Stretching has been proven over and over again that it helps to eliminate soreness, increase flexibility (tight muscles strain easier) and increase workout results. I will openly admit that although I include a stretching routine with every client I’ve ever had, I hate stretching and almost always forget it… could this be resulting in my injuries and lack of flexibility?!

Start implementing these suggestions to make sure that you stay happy and healthy on your fitness quest!

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