Sun Dried Tomatoes Bruschetta Recipe

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The benefits of tomatoes, an easy bruschetta recipe and a delicious meal all in place- yes! sign me up! Mooney Farms sent me some samples of their famous sun dried tomatoes and sauces to taste and review. First of all, they were very generous with the samples and I should be able to create more posts from the various products they sent me.

Today, we are going to talk about the benefits of tomatoes (and olive oil) and their easy bruschetta recipe.

One of the best known health benefits of tomatoes is that they are a great source of lycopene. Lycopene has amazing antioxidant properties that are believed to help prevent a number of different cancers. Olive oil has been indicated in protecting against heart disease and cancer because its full of antioxidants as well. Yes, olive oil is high in calories and fat, but it contains the good fat that helps your body absorb all of the nutrients.*

So the above info is the basis of what people are talking about when they rave about the mediterranean diet, which is full of tomatoes and olive oil.

Let’s get to that bruschetta recipe now, shall we?

Slice a loaf of italian bread.

Get out the jar of sun dried tomato bruchetta sauce.

Toast bread.
Spoon the bruschetta sauce onto the toasted bread.

Serve and enjoy!

Ok, so I might’ve exaggerated about it actually being a bruschetta recipe because they already did all of the hard work! However, its always great to be able to create a fast and yummy appetizer for less than $6 and if it offers health benefits like this one, Big Win!

Thank you to Mooney Farms for the samples, I look forward to trying the others. To get your sun dried tomato products and fantastic recipes, check out

More to come on the Mooney Farms products and no, I’m not endorsing them but simply testing and reviewing products that were sent to us at WAM HQ. You know how I love to test out products and review them so please feel free to send yours to: Amy Mac, PO BOX 210102, Nashville, TN 37221.

*Excerpts from Fitness Attack 2 book.

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