How Do I Get 6 Pack Abs – An Answer You Have Never Seen

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What forum, article, late night television informercial featuring a guy with bad hair, or book does NOT talk about this?  We all want to know the answer.  Who doesn’t want that perfect beach bod to attract that hottie we keep visualizing at night.  The truth is gonna hurt.  Ready? It’s kinda hard to get those 6 pack abs.  I know, I know that it’s quite a shocker that no pill is gonna fix it (but if you find one email me cause I want one [email protected]).

Here is THE REAL SCOOP.  Body fat.  The less body fat you have, the more visible your abs will be.  So look around the web, or this website, and figure out how to trim some “body fat”.  Then do a few ab workouts to get the ab muscles engaged and BOOM!!  You will be pulling off that swim suit better than any celeb on the cover of the OK Magazines Top 10 Worst Beach Bods. (Seriously have you looked at the cover lately? It’s gross and you see it while buying your food.)  The truth is you already “have 6 pack abs”.  They are a part of your core, which is basically involved in every action you take be it walking, lifting, or breathing.

So here is your 6 Pack Abs Plan:

1. Learn how to lose some body fat (it’s not that hard)

2. Learn a couple basic ab exercises to improve what you’ve got

3. Strut your stuff

If you do happen to find that magic pill OR know of a good idea on how to lose body fat leave a note in the comments below.

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