How to Kill a Migraine

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You know when ¬†you are reaching for your sunglasses inside, the music down the street in someone’s headphones is ridiculously loud and you feel nauseous as hell, that you have a migraine coming on. This is where I found myself earlier this afternoon and when I reached for my migraine pills, I didn’t have any. Well shit. So this is what I did to at least get the migraine downgraded to a headache.

Eat a healthy snack.

Have a cup of hot caffeinated tea.

Take a couple of ibuprofens.

Take a nap in the darkest, quietest corner in the house.

Whine about my head hurting.

Take a HOT HOT shower in the dark.

Massage head – sinus, temples, etc.

After all this and about 3 hours, I felt a little bit better. This sadly seemed like a huge victory but it has me wondering what everyone else does to fight a migraine or really, really, ridiculously bad headache.

What do YOU do to kill a migraine?

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