Is your treadmill trying to kill you?

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Every time you accidentally touch the treadmill during your workout, you get a little shock. It doesn’t hurt as much as it just pisses you off so that you don’t want to run anymore. This is especially true when it comes through your headphones.┬áIt could be a type of electroshock therapy. It could be a treadmill with a grudge. Or maybe it’s just static shock. So I decided to look it up.

There wasn’t really an ‘authority’ to say exactly what it is but there was lots of speculation and I think I can agree with the assessments so here goes…

1) Dry air (like in winter) can lead to a build up of static in the air, from your shoes and the treadmill belt. A more humid environment might fix the problem.

2) Being grounded or attached to the machine at all times. (Makes running difficult!)

3) Not using earbuds until you are sweaty. (Being moist helps to eliminate the shock.)

4) Not using earbuds at all. (Goes with the if it hurts, don’t do it mentality, I guess.)

5) Special ‘indoor’ running shoes…supposedly have better static absorbers or create less static.

6) Spraying the treadmill belt with “No static cling” spray or mixing a solution including fabric softener to clean/lube the workings of the belt. (This would be a better solution if you owned the treadmill!)

So what did we learn here? I THINK… in winter, the heated air is dry and it can lead to a static buildup between you and the machine, resulting in little shocks. If you have the option, keep moisture in the air, but if this isn’t an option, use fabric softener on all your running clothes in the winter, delay using earbuds until warmed up and maybe invest in indoor shoes for the winter months. Maybe one of all of these will make the shocks go away! I’ve never had this issue when it’s warmer so I’m anxious as to whether you have and how you’ve fixed it.

Please tell me what you do to make the treadmill stop shocking you!

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