Is the HCG diet right for you?

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You know that I’m not a big fad diet person and that I think moderation, healthy choices and exercise are the way to a healthy and fit life. ¬†However, I’ve gotten so many questions about the HcG diet, that I thought I would COMPILE some seemingly credible info…

So basically, HcG is a hormone that is found in pregnant women’s urine and its purpose is to help provide nutrients to the placenta. The hormone is also found in small doses in men.

The HcG diet combines injections or drops of this hormone with a drastically reduced calorie diet (~500 calories). The theory behind this diet is that the HcG pulls the needed calories from a ‘3rd layer of fat’ so you aren’t starving yourself but are using what your body already has in reserve.

People are having lots of luck with losing the weight, some a pound a day. They swear by it. However, it is a very pricey diet. Usually the injections are done by a doctor. Note that the FDA has only approved HcG as fertility treatments and not as a weight loss drug. There haven’t been any crazy side effects noted besides headaches but I don’t know what kind of long term tests have been done on this ‘diet plan’.

My question is: What happens when you stop the injections? Does all the weight come back?

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