“Fat You” Hates YOU Because You’re Skinny

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Now this is a blast from the past.  I happened to be reading The 4-Hour Body the other day and it totally reminded me of a classic way to lose weight.  So many people just want to lose a few pounds to be happy.  The great thing about losing a “little bit” of weight (a few pounds) means you don’t have to really do anything.

If you’re reading this line congratulations cause 30 people just clicked away after that statement.

Tell me if you remember this one… you hang a fat terrible picture of yourself on the fridge and every time you go to get something to eat, you see the picture and then decide what you are going to eat.  Surprisingly this is not that hard and doesn’t take any more thought than you were gonna put in to your meal in the first place. BUT you are probably gonna eat a liiiiiitle bit less – like maybe 1 piece of cake instead of 2 or fewer hot wings than usual.  Over the course of the week IT WILL ADD UP.  Guaranteed.  Need a step by step ok here we go:

1. You take a picture of yourself in your underwear or bathing suit (this by the way is a great pick up line for the neighbor who you have been trying to ask out.  Tell them it is for a “science experiment”)

2. Print the picture

3. Put picture on fridge

4. Don’t invite anyone over for a week or they might see that you hung a picture of yourself in your underwear on the fridge

It is amazing how ALL OF US make weight loss so hard.  This technique is not a long standing lose 10,000 lbs forever technique.  If you wanna lose a couple pounds for a wedding or other special event and don’t want to put forth any effort what so ever then welcome to the lazy man’s diet.  Eat that 1 piece of cake underwear boy!

Have any pictures that you definitely do not want floating around the internet?  Leave them in the comments and I will make sure they don’t get out.


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