How to get rid of flabby arms!

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After doing some Google research I noticed that people (I’m assuming women) were on the web searching for a few specific things:

tone flabby arms
exercise for flabby arms
flabby arm help
get rid of arm fat
flabby upper arms

I think we can all see the trend here. Women are looking for a way to get rid of their “arm fat”.  I say women because this is a general hot spot for fat build up among women.  The hips, butt, and sometimes the upper arms tend to take on a little bit extra meat.  Men’s fat tends to go straight to their (beer) gut.

So first off, you are NOT ALONE.  There are many many women looking for this exact answer and truthfully it is quite easy to answer and fix!  Actually, it is a 2 step process.

1. Reduce body fat
2. Do some arm exercises

I could tell you a few exercises that would be perfect to get more muscle and tone in your arms, but that would only be the first part of the equation.  Just like in my post about getting six pack abs YOU CAN NOT SPOT TRAIN.

1. You already have some muscle in your arms, but  unfortunately you have a little build up of fat as well.  So the first thing you need to do is lose a little bit of body fat.  This can be done fairly easily with a MINOR diet change or hitting the gym for a full body exercise routine a few days a week.  Just by getting to the gym and burning some calories your fat percentage should drop. For more information on fat loss just Google “fat loss” and see the wealth of ideas on losing some fat.

2. While you spend the next couple of weeks losing some fat you can start working out your upper arm (or TRICEP) so when you lose a little extra fat you can begin to see your muscle.  There are tons of tricep exercises available on the web, but here are a few:

Although this is not the answer you may have been looking for I guarantee that it is the best answer out there.  By reducing some body fat and doing some minor tricep exercises you will start seeing the arms you have been looking for twice as fast as just trying to spot train your arms a few times a week in your living room while watching the price is right.  Get educated, get the gym, get the arms you want in just a couple weeks.

Got any tricep exercises to share? Wanna punch me in the face cause I called you fat?  Let me know in the comments.

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