Hand Stands R US and U TOO – Get fit and show off to your friends at the same time

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I don’t care who you are, you like hand stands.  You may not like doing them and you definitely hate it when some D Bag at a party pops up in to one and all the girls oooo and awwww over his manly manliness… stupid D Bag.  But hey just think if you could be that D Bag?  I mean seriously, wouldn’t it be cool to be like a gymnast in front of thousands of people on tv and pop up in to a handstand and pump a few pushups out?  YOU CAN!  Even if you are just doing them in your living in FRONT of your tv it’s the same thing.

So here is how you can VERY EASILY train yourself to do a hand stand.  The benefits are amazing balance, control, upper body growth, and of course don’t forget the ooo’s and awww’s next time you have a drink too many and decide to impress the ladies at your next party.  Here we go:

  1. Place your hands on the floor about a foot from the wall
  2. Kick one leg up and then the other one and let the wall catch them. Ok so this is where you would cheer because you are doing a hand stand, but don’t cause you will fall on your head.
  3. Stay there as long as you can and breath normally.  Think about the muscles in your shoulders and arms.
  4. Constantly try to edge yourself off the wall.  Basically teaching your body how to hold itself upside down without the wall’s support
  5. When you’re tired, slowly kick down one leg and then the other and you land right on your feet.

Amazing right?  After a few days of this you can start adding 1 push up, then another, and another and before you know it your body will start recognizing where it is in space and you will be able walk upside down!!  If you want to go advanced put your clothes on upside down and go to the office.  I think we can both agree everyone will think you are super cool.

If you were actually dumb enough to put your clothes on upside down and go to work, leave a note in the comments.


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