“Back” to basics – Why you should be doing more pullups

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Lots of people don’t like to train their backs because they can’t see them. It is kind of like an out of sight out of mind thing. Truth be told, the back is JUST AS VISIBLE as the chest is… just not to you. Think about the last time you were walking behind someone in good shape and you saw that classic “V” shape and were like “OOOOOOO” or “AWWWWWW” or “I hate that guy cause he looks so good” or “she looks amazing in that backless dress” (internally of course).  That awesome shape is mainly from your Lat Muscles.

Another great reason to concentrate on your back muscles is because of the harmony you need with your front side. This ensures you achieve maximum results lifting from exercises like squatting, curling, or pressing and of course you don’t get hurt. You can not build up one side of your body and not the other. You are ASKING for trouble. So what do you say – give your back some love?

One DO IT ANYWHERE back exercise is the good old fashioned pull up. This exercise is great because depending on how far apart your hands are, it concentrates on a different set of muscles in the back.

CAN’T DO MORE THAN 1 PULL UP? Get a spotter to hold your feet OR get a chair, put it a couple feet in front of you and take a little weight off so you can pump out a few more. Do this. It works!

Wanna brag about how many pull ups you can do? Comment below and let it be known.

Need a structured workout that involves pull-ups? Check out P90X!


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