Monkeys have strong abs and YOU CAN TOO! Just hang out…

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During my recent trip to Costa Rica I got to go super zen and view nature from an un-American viewpoint.  One thing you have to see when you are in Costa rica is the many packs of monkeys that inhabit the region.  Swinging to and fro, throwing poo at each other, and occasionally getting in to your car and stealing whatever they can get their hands on is a common occurrence.  Did you ever think about how they are able to swing all over the damn place all day and not get tired?  Of course it is easy to say, “Well, they are monkeys.” but they don’t just pop out of their mom and start gathering bananas. (Can’t officially verify that.)

After oooooing, awwwwing, and then chasing those damn monkeys for stealing my Alanis Morissette cd’s, I finally decided in order to have a chance at getting even, I must “train like a monkey”.  So here is an excellent exercise to get a full ab workout and all you have to do is “hang out”.

Hanging Knee Raises

This is an extremely tough exercise that lets you work out your lower abs and your serratus muscles.

1. Grab a pull up bar, palms out, with your arms should width apart

2. Slowly lift your knees towards your chest making sure you are squeezing your abs the whole time – keep your feet off the ground for the whole exercise.

3. Rinse and repeat to exhaustion

That’s it.  A ridiculous ab workout.  If you really want to target those serratus muscles, alternate lifting your legs to each side.

NOTE:  It is almost a given that your wrists will give out before you abs will.  In that case hang some straps from the pull up bar and slip your arms through just past your elbow.  After your arms are through, the straps can help you work out your abs to exhaustion.

Got a good ab exercise you want to let the world know about?  Anyone see my Alanis cd’s?  Let us know in the comments.

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