Step by Step Stability Ball Workouts: Frog Jump

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I’ve really been on a stability ball workout kick lately (probably because my Stability Ball Workout Series is going to be released soon!) but I’m just so excited to give you all the information you need to nail these exercises. Stability balls can be used for add intensity to your workout, give you a full body workout at home, strengthen your core and improve your balance and posture.
Stability Ball Exercise: Frog Jumps

Start with legs a little wider than shoulder width apart, holding the ball.
Squat sticking your butt back, weight on your heels, bring ball to the ground.
Now jump into the arm and lift the ball overhead.
Land softly, bring the ball down to the ground and do that nice, deep squat.
Make sure knees don’t come over the toes.
I’m sure you already watched the video of this stability ball exercise but just in case ¬†you missed it:

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