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Just a quite note to let you know that I’ve been entered in the Face of Fitness Magazine cover contest! Fitness Magazine is offering a cover shoot & a trip to Hawaii for a person that exemplifies fitness and everything it embodies.

My entry:

Back and ankle injuries kept me from dancing in college. Missing the gym for a week makes my body so stiff I can barely get out of bed. The only thing that works is exercise and if I eat right too, then watch out because here comes my super energy! What if I could help other people realize that they can feel better physically and emotionally just by moving more and eating healthier? That is why I became a personal trainer and then striving to entertain and inform even more people, created an online audio and then video show, Fit Life, that has more than a million views a month. The more content I put out into the world, the more people devour it and apply the tips to their lives to help them lose a few or hundreds of pounds. This just goes to prove that people want to learn how to be a better, healthier them and they will act on it more if it is entertaining and they feel they can apply it to their lives. I have released 2 books and become an Amazon best-selling author and now I’m working endlessly to grow my website- – into a health and fitness tip destination and community. I’m not sure how I’ll ever reach everyone that I think could benefit from health and fitness knowledge but I’m NOT planning on stopping anytime soon. ~amy mac

Just by being entered in the contest, this is an opportunity for us to get our fitness message out to a wider audience. In addition to the cover shoot, which would be an amazing experience, people would get to read about how to make themselves healthier with all of our fit tips. Being able impact someone’s life with our information and motivation is what we strive for and this contest could be a huge factor in people realizing what we do.

Please vote EVERYDAY from now through Sunday 3/6!

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Don’t forget to pass the link on and tell your friends! Thank you for all the support!

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