Working Out Tips for Cold Weather

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I know, I know, spring is just around the corner but until the sun is shining at a consistent 75 degrees, we need to keep safe while working out in cold or cooler temperatures. It’s easy to say, “dress warm” when its winter but what about those cold spring and summer evenings when you think it will be warm but once that sun goes down- you are shivering! Or worse, it starts raining and its not the refreshing warm summer rain but that icy, awful, where did this come from rain that can only appear without warning when you are halfway into your long run… don’t get caught in the cold!

Here are a few cold weather working out tips:

  • Dress in layers. Multiple layers will keep you warmer and will also allow you to shed a layer once your warm up.
  • Wear a hat. Up to 50% of your body heat is lost through your head in the winter so keep it covered!
  • Start slow and easy. When muscles are cold, they’re more prone to injury, so gradually warming them up eases them into the exercise and reduces the risk.
  • Watch out! Ice, snow and rain are all obstacles so be careful and very observant of your environment.
  • Daylight disappears early so make sure you are visible and in a safe area.

There you have it – a few cold weather working out tips. Stay warm, be safe and keep with it – spring will be here before you know it and all your winter hard work will pay off!

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