Working Out Tips on How to Exercise

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Don’t you just hate it when you are walking down the street feeling so good about the day, you got your favorite shirt on, it’s Friday, and you are almost positive that that person you have been wanting to ask out at work is waiting for you to get there to ask them out, and then it happens…you see some super fit sex machine walk by with the same shirt on.  Shit.  You immediately think “I need to work out”, but you’ve never done it before so how do you get started?

Just like every other place on the planet the FIRST TIME you step in to the gym you are gonna be a little confused and a little scared.  The good news is thinking that you need pink Spandex or shorty shorts to fit in is absolutely false (it’s so 1987) to know how to exercise.  Before you even get on that stairmill you need to know WHY you are doing what you are doing and WHAT benefits it will bring.  (Keep reading I promise it will make sense.)

Here are a few basics:

You can’t just go to the gym and start pumping away thinking you are going to see any progress.  At best you will probably just hurt yourself and then stop going to the gym at all.  Focused workouts for a purpose can really push you through your workouts. How to exercise:

1. Cardio Endurance

Basically how well your heart and lungs work to supply your body with oxygen during your workout.

In the gym – How long you can jump rope or run like a hamster on a wheel while listening to Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber optional)

Real World – How hard you are breathing after seeing a cop is giving you a ticket and you run over to the car to tell him some made up story about why you parked in the handicapped spot.  Can’t get that lie out if you are breathing so hard you can’t talk.

2. Muscular Endurance

In the Gym – How long you can keep doing one exercise or movement before you have to stop.

Real World – Carrying a few sacks of groceries (plus that EXTRA sack that you knew you could handle) up a few flights and in to your kitchen before your arms fall off.

3. Muscular Strength

In the Gym – How much weight you can actually lift

Real World – Picking up a car off that helpless women and saving the day putting you on the front page of the paper and making you millions of dollars….or carrying the insanely large bag of dog food that you you buy in bulk at Costco.

So you can see that understanding what you are trying to achieve is really the first place to start when trying to figure out how to exercise.  It is not only “How to exercise” but “What am I trying to achieve”.  Figure that out first and then you know what questions to ask and what  exercises to start with.

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