New WithAmyMac Video Studio!

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It might seem like we’ve been a little distant in the last couple of weeks and you might be wondering why. We’ve decided to step up to the demand of the people (that’s you guys) and give you all the exercise videos you’ve been wanting. But instead of doing moves in the park like we usually do, we decided to up the quality with a new audio/video setup and a STUDIO!! Now this isn’t just any studio, it’s an infinity white studio so that means all those moves that you see from other top magazines and fitness sites, we’ll have the same quality and if all goes to plan, EVEN MORE EXERCISE MOVES THAN THEY DO! Now we are very thrifty over here at WAM and we like spending money on getting stuff to you rather than overhead costs like studios and stuff so we crunched some numbers, analyzed our DIY skills and decided to convert our garage into said studio. We are officially done with the construction and are just working on tweaking some of the lights, shadows and camera angles. With any luck, we’ll be shooting next week and then getting videos posted for you to watch SOON! We look forward to picking up the blogging and discussions with you ┬áin no time!

Here are a few shots of our progress:

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