Simple Exercises for Thighs

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Calfs, thighs, legs, OH MY!  Every women is looking for simple exercises for thighs.  Why wouldn’t they be?  Men can’t stop staring and women LOOVE getting ready for a night out and feeling so damn sexy.  It’s all about the thighs.  The good thing is there are some simple exercises for thighs that will get the boys lining up and the girls on hate patrol faster than you can say (insert long word I can’t spell here).

Simple thigh exercises you can do at home or the gym:

Outer Thigh Lift

Lie on your left side propping yourself up with your left forearm.  Slightly bend your left knee so you are resting comfortably like you would in front of a fire reading a good romance novel.  Extend your right leg and put it slightly in front of your body.  Raise and lower your leg from the floor to the ceiling in a slow and controlled manner 10 times (don’t touch the floor with your right leg).  Now flip over to the other side and repeat.  3 sets of 10 repetitions is a great place to start.  Once you think you are Jane Fonda you can add some ankle weights and a hot pink headband to get maximize this great outer thigh workout.

Side Lying Leg Lift from Shape Magazine

Inner Thigh Exercise Using a Stability Ball or Pillow

Lie on your back and put a couple pillows or stability ball in between your legs.  Slowly squeeze your legs together and hold at the farthest point for 2-3 seconds then slowly release.  3 sets of 10 repetitions is still a great place to start.  Once this becomes too easy maybe it is time to head over to the gym and get on a couple legs machines.

Add a crunch and really feel the burn! Inner thigh squeeze from Fitness Magazine

Cable Adductor (Outer Thigh) & Abductor (Inner Thigh) Machines

We have all seen this machine.  What Amy Mac ( calls the “good girl, bad girl” machines (and another simple exercise for your thighs). It is the one where you sit on a chair and put your legs in to what look like stirrups with foam pads and you squeeze your legs together which lifts a weight as you squeeze.  The machine where you squeeze your legs together is the “good girl” machine and the machine where you start with your legs together and open them to lift the weight is the “bad girl” machine.

As with all these simple exercises for thighs, aim to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions until that is easy for you, then add some weight.  After a few times of working out this becomes kinda second nature.  It is a great feeling to work out a couple times and KNOW that you are not lifting enough.  Now go out there and get those thighs you have been wanting.  It’s up to you if you want to be a “good girl” or “bad girl”.

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