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A great list of Working Out TipsWant some working out tips? Of course you do.  No one wants to go to the gym several hours a week, but everyone wants to look thinner, more muscular, lose weight, LOOK SEXY.  EVERYONE has a reason for wanting to work out, but let’s face it…working out sucks.  Now I am not knocking working out.  There are definitely times when I am at the gym and feel like superman and can’t get enough, but that really isn’t very often.  Most times I would rather feel bad about not going to the gym for like 5 seconds and then grab some ice cream and watch some cartoons.

Truth is with just a few working out tips you can more than double the impact you have on your physique and not feel bad at all about skipping the gym here and there because you know you are getting the best workout you can when you go.  Here are some working out tips:

1 – Be Consistent – This isn’t rocket science.  If you go repeatedly to exercise you are going to see results.  I know this can be hard, but if you just set a time in your schedule to workout, take a walk, etc and just stick to it you WILL SEE RESULTS. If you need some help with this then go to the next tip which is…

2 – Workout With a Buddy – Hands down this is one of the best working out tips out there.  There is nothing better than grabbing someone else who wants to work out and then you use each other as accountability to go exercise.  You are counting on each other to get in to shape. Here are some more ways to stay focused with some working out tips.

3 – Limit your Workout Time – Hallelujah!  Instead of thinking you have to go to the gym for hours on end, retrain your brain to think that you are ONLY ALLOWED 30 minutes at the gym.  What is 30 minutes anyway? Walking in to the gym, checking out a few hotties, warm up for 5-10 minutes with some cardio, do a small weight training circuit for 15 minutes, and you are basically done.  THAT’S IT.  You are barely even worked out and now you HAVE TO GO home.  Limit yourself at the gym. (Unless you start talking to a hottie then tell her that you usually spend a couple hours a day there squatting a lot of weight. Women love that.)

4 – Protein, Protein, Protein – Everyone knows that protein is good, but how good?  To get all the techie jargon out of the mix let’s just say that it is the main ingredient that will turn you in to a sex machine.  Protein promotes lean muscle mass and as long as you have ANY sort of light workout throughout the week you will never pack on fat from getting a lot of protein.  This is one of the best working out tips I can come up with.  In fact if you are on an extreme weight loss diet there is a point when you can’t lose anymore weight until you INCREASE your protein intake.  Kinda wild right? (Someone should tell everyone on the biggest loser.)  Go get a protein shake and drink the fat away before you go to the gym.  More on this working out tip? Check out this link to a forum that talks about Timothy Ferris’s book “The 4 Hour Body” and protein

5 – Train Uphill – I see so many people day after day walking or light jogging on the treadmills at the gym after work and they look like they are not even breaking a sweat!  They don’t know it, but after running on the treadmill for so long their body has adjusted and it is easy for them to go for 30 minutes or more.  The problem is after your body gets to this point you really aren’t getting a workout anymore.  It’s time to UP the intensity.  Do the same workout, but adjust the treadmill to go to a higher incline.  Said another way RUN UPHILL.  If you can run for 30 minutes and you aren’t sweating and feeling the burn then try running uphill or increasing the incline on the treadmill.

6 – Set Realistic Goals – This is another of great working out tips and one that is talked about all the time.  Just about everyone that begins a new workout routine after not working out for an extended period sets goals that are not really attainable (for example losing 20lbs in 2 weeks).  There are tons of places online that talk about how to set fitness goals that are attainable.  If you just want some quick expert advice go hire a trainer for one session (about $60-$80).  Ask them tons of questions.  You will learn a ton.

7 – Lift to Failure – From the title of this working out tip I am sure you envision some big muscle builder lifting 2000 lbs with rippling veins all over.  This is NOT what I am talking about.  Most people have been trained to lift 3 sets of 10 reps for just about every exercise they do.  What they are not told is by the very last rep of the 3rd set they should not be able to lift the weight.  You have heard “No pain, no gain”, well this is what they are talking about.  If it is easy for you to do 3 sets of bicep curls, then you need to add some weight.  Lift enough weight so by the 3rd set you can just barely finish.  Within a week you will start to feel stronger.  Jackie Warner and I agree.

These are just a few working out tips.  If you would like to find more fitness tips and quick 1 minute videos sent right to your inbox sign up for the newsletter below.

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