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Stability Ball Workout VideosAre you looking for a good stability ball workout video?  Well you have hit the jackpot! Amy Mac has been creating over 150 stability ball workout videos and is going to be releasing them as soon as we can get them all edited.  We invested some time and money in to a studio (in our garage) that will be pumping out all kinds of fitness videos (including stability ball workout videos) in the weeks to come.

Below is a few stability ball workouts that we shot this summer in San Francisco.  Tell us what you think about these moves in the comments.

Stability Ball Workout Video – Pushup

This move is great for your triceps, back, butt and abs.

1.Start with your hands out in front of you with your wrists turned sideways so your pinky is parallel with the ground.

2.Place your hands on the ball and lower yourself so that your chest touches the ball.

3.Push yourself backup to the sky slow and controlled.

After you do this move you may never want to do a regular pushup again.  It is quite a bit harder to do a stability ball pushup than a normal one on the ground.


Stability Ball Workout Video – Frog Jumps

Frog Jumps might be my favorite stability ball workout video we shot.  Unfortunately it is not my favorite because of the amazing workout you get in your butt and legs, but because I think amy looks hilarious jumping up and down with a big red ball.  With a name like Frog Jumps what would you expect

1.Start with your legs a little wider than shoulder width apart holding a stability ball in front of you.

2.Squat down and make sure your knees don’t come over your toes and extend your arms and reach to the ground with the ball.

3.Explode up, lift the ball towards the sky and land softly back in the squat position.

After a few of these you are really going to feel those thighs.


Stability Ball Workout Video – Shoulder Press

What I love best about the stability ball is that the possibilities are endless with the amount of different exercises you can do with them.  In this video Amy is going to demonstrate how to do a Shoulder Press on a stability ball.  Grab some weights and lets go!

1.Start by sitting on the ball and putting the weights about shoulder height (right next to your ears)

2.Lift the dumbbells straight towards the sky and then bring them back down to shoulder level.

Throughout this whole exercise be sure to stay slow and controlled.  Do 3 sets of 10 reps and make sure that by the last rep you can barely finish.

These are just a couple Stability Ball Workouts Videos on

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