Hotel Workout: Hilton Garden Inn Stay Fit Kit

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Keeping with your fitness routine can be difficult when you are traveling whether for business or pleasure. You might take your running shoes or plan on using the hotel’s fitness room but before you know it, you have 15 spare minutes and not enough time to get anywhere or do anything worth while… WAIT! You have a few options here!

The Hilton Garden Inn Hotel has a Stay Fit Kit that you can check out at the front desk for FREE and it includes equipment and instruction for a core, Pilates or Yoga workout. Everything you need for a quick hotel workout! In many of their locations, they also have in-room programming that you can purchase and watch on the tv. Plan ahead and check this travel fitness kit out when you check in and then set your phone for a 15 minute workout each day based on your schedule.

I spent quite a bit of time on the road for the last two years and was determined to maintain or improve my fitness when I was traveling. I found that in addition to my clothes continuing to fit (even after fast food or 5 star meals), I also felt better every day I exercised (just like I do at home!) I started getting really creative with travel workouts using what I had around me. I also jogged and walked more on location because I had something to look at and explore! I created the Hotel Workout Series videos because I always promise myself and intend to work out on the road but then somehow I have an hour to get ready and out the door and no time to fit in a “real” workout. I started doing 20,15, even 10 minute circuits in the room right before I jumped in the shower and felt fantastic and efficient!

Whether you stay at a Hilton Garden Inn and take advantage of their FREE Stay Fit Kit or use my Hotel Workout series, you will feel more energized, healthier and just better when you make travel fitness a part of your on the go life.

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