How To Exercise At Home

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How to exercise at home

Lots of people ask me how to exercise at home. At first it made me laugh because it seems so simple, you just exercise at home. Whether you are trying to save some money by stopping your gym membership or just need a few ideas on how to change up your home routine, exercising at home is (in my opinion) way more efficient on your wallet and time.  Let’s look at a few different ideas when it comes to how to exercise at home.

1. Latest Fitness Fad

I personally am someone that gets bored very quickly.  I get bored with tv programs, food, and of course workout dvd’s.  Every couple months (or weeks) there seems to be some new fad that is sweeping the nation.  Billy Blanks Tae Bo, Hip Hop Abs we have all seen these things on tv.  Although these dvd’s may cost $20-$30, if you slowly build a collection of these dvd’s, then you can workout from home and never get bored with the same routine because you can just change to another dvd and BOOM instant change up in any rut you may have been in.  Bonus points to the smart people that go to the library and rent dvd’s from there (yes, the big building with ancient scrolls that people used before the internet – go there and save money).

2. Get a Friend

One thing about working out at the gym is that you get to be around people who are also trying to get in shape.  It is incredibly motivating.  So you are wondering how to work out at home?  Go get a friend.  Although it may seem awkward to ask someone, everyone wants to get fit and sometimes just having someone to work out with will make it an obligation to get in your exercise AND you can get new ideas from each other for workouts.  It has actually been proven that people who work out in pairs stay with their workout routine SEVERAL TIMES LONGER than people working out by themselves.

3. Set a Scheduled Time

All our lives are ridiculously busy and it isn’t easy, especially if you have a family, to squeeze everything in to one day.  Making a schedule and sticking to it is an absolute necessity when working out at home.  I don’t care who you are, if you don’t have a specific time scheduled to work out that little devil will pop out on to your shoulder and get you watching reruns of Friends episodes until bedtime.  Get a time and stick to it.  Wanna know how to exercise at home?  Do it immediately once you get home from work.

1. Walk in the door
2. Change your clothes
4. Work out

I know you’re tired, but it is so much easier to keep the momentum going than it is to wait until your body starts going in to “relax mode”.

These are just three ideas on how to workout at home.  Let us know how you work out at home in the comments.

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