FitFu iPhone Fitness App Review

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Wish your phone could be a personal trainer? Don’t want to commit hours to working out but if you could just squeeze in a few exercises, you’d feel healthier? If you have an iPhone, then you can get the FitFu app for just $.99  which acts as an exercise reminder and motivator so you can get in shape one crunch at a time!

I tried FitFu and in addition to having catchy music and an oddly cute mascot, I really enjoyed its simplicity and it’s nagging ability to alert me to workout. I set it up to remind me twice a day to workout, which it did, and it offers a snooze button just in case you can’t get to it at the moment. I was really surprised with how accurate the counting of the reps is and although I struggled with device placement on my arm (didn’t get the strap), I was able to figure how to secure it to my leg and the placement for the crunch was easy. I wanted more exercises but then realized that you can unlock them as you earn your way through the levels. (You can also just purchase them.) I liked the record keeping of personal bests and it allows you to have multiple users on your phone so you can always pass it around the house and office! I did have some trouble with getting registered but I decided it didn’t matter if it called me User 1.

For $.99 I thought this app was simple and effective in getting you to participate in “micro-exercise”.

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