Power Balance Bracelet Review

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A year ago, Chris bought me a Power Balance bracelet. I have worn it several times throughout the year, all the time, workouts only, etc. and never really seen a benefit. He claims that it helped him make it through a 1/2 marathon he didn’t have time to train for. However, I’ve delayed doing a review on it because I really thought I was missing something…

Some people swear by it! I have a friend that hands them out to all of his friends because he is now able to work all day without pain or stiffness when wearing the bracelet.  I was also given a complete demonstration from a local policeman in which he put me through all the tests and even though I knew what was going on, I still improved with the bracelet when it came to stretching and balance. He also claimed that when he uses the radar gun, he has to take it off because of the interference.

Rambling Side Note: That particular point also led me down a thought path that in the 4 Hour Body, Tim Ferriss talks about the effects that the waves from a cell phone can have on testosterone levels in men. The idea of these bracelets (as it’s been explained to me) is to block those waves and allow the body to work at its optimal frequency, so would wearing this bracelet potentially improve sperm count or other possible cell phone signal issues on the body? Obviously, I haven’t been able to test this theory [Chris will only let me talk him into so many experiments and theories…] but could someone else do so and let me know? Thanks!

This brings me back to looking for scientific evidence and how I can’t really find any that support the bracelets “technology”.  The American Council on Exercise (ACE) did an in depth experiment with the bracelets and saw no benefits. There are also a million other cries of scam, fake and false advertising about these and other hologram bracelets on the web. So that’s not good.

But then I started thinking, “So what?”.  What if it does fall into the mental trickery of lucky objects and placebo effects? If you I told you that you could pay $30-$50 to perform better, would you do it? If you believed that you could run further and faster and jump higher and then you did, wouldn’t it be worth the investment? I think so!

So in the end, I decided that while I’ll probably only wear it on days that I feel weak and in need of an extra boost, this bracelet does help people. It may only be mentally but hey, does it really matter? If it works for you, then call it a victory and quit the questioning. If it doesn’t, then it’s no different than the pile of self-help books you have sitting on a shelf – better luck next time.

So forget the science (or lack thereof)  – have you had success with Power Balance? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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