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We are very excited to launch our new website,, which offers hundreds of exercise move how-to’s, 10-minute intense workout videos and interactive downloadable workout plans for anyone looking to squeeze in a great workout!

Through my years of personal training, doing the show Fit Life and this site, we’ve found a common theme among people – they all want to add fitness to their lives, they just don’t have time. Busy moms, high-powered business execs, travelers, entrepreneurs, you name it, we’ve all got lots to do!

We’ve found a way to solve this problem. Every one has 10 minutes that they can squeeze out of their day for fitness – if it’s worth while! Well, we’ve got just the solution! Our intense 10-minute strength and cardio workouts will win you over! Trust me, these workouts will rival your typical 30 minute workout and yield results!  Weight loss, strength, flexibility, tummy toning, you CAN do it in 10 minutes and accomplish your goals!

For less than the cost of a workout dvd, a month at the gym or a single session with a personal trainer  you can have unlimited, commercial-free access to these workout videos and their “Trim-n-Gym” companions, which give you a printable version of the workout PLUS they link to all of the exercises, from our Exercise Encyclopedia, in the workout so you can make sure you are doing them all right! If you have a web-enabled device, then you can have evbe exercise videos at your fingertips!

Since we just opened, we are offering access to evbe for $10 a month instead of it’s soon to be $30 a month! The best part is, if you join now at $10 a month, your price will NEVER increase! Plus, we’ve got some pretty kickass bonuses that are waiting for all new members, including Amy Mac’s Hotel Workout Video Series that was just featured in Inc. Magazine!

If you have $10 and 10 minutes, you can get in shape! Come check out evbe!


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