Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Wakemate Review

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Can a sleep cycle alarm clock help maximize your sleep time?

Is it possible to wake up refreshed every day?

The answers to these questions was what I was looking for when I began my research on sleep cycle alarm clocks and reviewing the Wakemate system.
What is the Wakemate? The Wakemate is a sleep cycle alarm clock consisting of a wristband and a phone application that monitors your motion while sleeping and uses science to translate the motion data into sleep data.
How does it wake you up? You set a 20 minute alarm range and it then using the sleep data, it picks the moment when you are in the lightest sleep state and wakes you at that time so you feel more refreshed. You can also use the analytics that the wristband collects to monitor your sleep patterns and see when you get the best sleep, how long you need to sleep and if there are any triggers that hinder or improve sleep.

Our Wakemate Trial Results:

Amy Mac: I found that I don’t sleep well and had trouble finding patterns of success and no matter what i didn’t wake up refreshed. BUT I did find that my best sleep happens when I have 7 hours and eat a serving of greek yogurt before bed.

Nik: Nik woke up every single morning before the alarm sounded so he didn’t really see much benefit.
Chris: Chris thought it was great, woke up refreshed and ended up on the wakemate “top sleepers” list every single week throughout our trial because he had such a great sleep score.
Overall, I found the data interesting because I could see how fast I fell asleep, how many times I woke up in the middle of the night and when my periods of light and deep sleep occurred. I also enjoyed trying to better my sleep score every night!
I did find the battery life frustrating on the wristband but found that as long as I turned it off, I could run a night or two without charging it. I also wish the app was a little more robust and didn’t send me to the website to see the data* but I’ve talked to the Wakemate people about both of these issues and they are already working on them. A big thank you to them for letting us try out their product and they are even letting us give away the 3 units we tested!
*Update from Wakemate: WakeMate 2.0 is in the App Store and it allows you to view all the sleep data inside the app!
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