6 Steps to Look Thinner Tomorrow!

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Everyone wants to drop a few pounds whether it’s for a special event or just because their jeans have gotten a little tight. Losing weight doesn’t just happen overnight though. What if you need to squeeze into that little black dress by Saturday?

Here are some of my tricks for slimming down right now!

1) The right foods
There are foods that help the body digest – pineapple, ginger, celery and yogurt, to name a few. These will help to soothe the GI tract and move the other foods through the system. Skipping out on carbonated beverages, salty foods, chewing gum and hard to digest vegetables like broccoli and brussel sprouts can help you look thinner by avoiding the extra room needed for air bubbles or GI irritation.

2) Lots of water
Many people fear that drinking water will make their belly bulge but the fact is that water helps you flush everything else out of your system so making sure there is plenty of water will help to eliminate bloat. It will also help to make your skin look healthier!

3) Last minute pump session
A few pushups or bicep curls and tricep dips before you walk out the door can help to “activate” the muscles giving you a more defined look for the next couple of hours.

4) Girdle… not just for Grandma’s!
I’m a firm believer in the girdle, no matter what your size. There are so many affordable brands out there in every department store that will target your trouble zones and create the perfect curves. I don’t like to hold my stomach in after a delicious meal or after I’ve been standing for hours so these constricting accessories allow me to relax and enjoy myself without fearing the baby bump illusion after a pasta dinner!

5) The right outfit
We all know that black can be slimming but fabrics, patterns and cuts can make or break an outfit’s flattering factor. Clinging fabrics are always difficult to pull off if you don’t have a supermodel’s physique. However, binding fabrics can accentuate the good curves and smooth out the not so good. Horizontal stripes don’t usually flatter anyone with a figure and trying to pull off trendy cuts like one shoulder shirts or mini skirts can be difficult in the real world. You can still add trend to your outfit with accessories and shoes while sticking with a classic, flattering outfit. (This is also great for your budget!) From jeans to dresses, having a couple amazing pieces will ensure you always look like a million bucks!

6) Heels!
Nothing makes your legs look longer and leaner than a pair of heels! Even a short heel can make the legs appear longer, the calves more defined and force you to roll those shoulders back so you aren’t falling forward!

Now these tips will help you to look thinner overnight but losing the weight in the long run will help you look and feel better all the time.

From Amy Mac for Ezine – WithAmyMac.com


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