Fight the “Freshman Fifteen”!

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Going to college usually means a complete change in your life routine.  A change in your schedule, your eating habits, your responsibilities, no more high school athletics, squeezing in studying, a bit of partying and the fine art of laundry. It also usually means that you gain some weight, commonly known as the ‘freshman fifteen’.


Here are some tips on how to prevent it:


1) Fruits and Vegetables. Dorm food isn’t healthy but you don’t have to pig out either.  Watching your portions and filling up on the salad bar is a great alternative, as long as you leave the bacon, cheese, croutons and loads of dressing out of the equation.


2) Rec Center. When you get out of college, you’ll have to pay lots of money for a gym membership that is half the facility that you have just a few steps away.  Take advantage of all they have to offer and make some new friends while doing it.


3) Cut down on drinking. Liquor can help to pile the pounds on – especially when combined with late night eating.


4) Walk everywhere. Think of all the calories you will burn if you spend half of everyday walking to class, meet friends, meetings and the rec center!


5) College grilled cheese. I grew up in a healthy house and I just couldn’t stomach some of the greasy food days in the dorm but didn’t always want salad either.  I made a college grilled cheese and although not the best alternative, I’m sure I came out ahead of those who ate the cafeteria food.
  • Toast 2 pieces of bread.
  • Put in microwave with a piece of cheese in the middle – 13 seconds later, you have a (greasy-free, butter-free) grilled cheese sandwich!
These are just a few examples of how you can battle the ‘Freshman 15’!  Good Luck!


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