Road Warriors!

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So I often talk about how you can make a vacation, business trip or any type of travel a workout so I wanted to share the story of one of our road warriors!

Sally from Nashville, TN recently spent several weeks in Italy. While this could’ve been the perfect time to Eat, Pray, Love herself into a bigger pair of jeans, she decided to take in the scenery and make her own workouts.

from Sally…

I tried to run as much as possible. I had a hilly 40 minute route that I stuck to pretty well and listened to music or my Italian language lessons on my iPod to pass the time.
For crossfit type exercises, I did box jumps on the park bench, recline pulls on the side bar of the swing set, jumping pullups on the swingset top bar. Um…tricep dips on a low brick wall, Russian twists with a couple of liters of plastic water bottles still in the plastic wrap, so they were stuck together. That was particularly difficult because it was heavy!! Also cases of plastic water bottles from the table to the ground (with a twist) and back up on the table. Of course air squats, push ups, sits up, v-ups, supermans….all the normal stuff that requires no equipment. Everything else I just looked around at what was there and wrote down all the exercises I could think of and put together different sequences to make it not so boring.

There you have it. It’s super simple and all it takes is some imagination! There is no excuse to skip a workout, even when you are living remotely. Take a tip from Sally and look at your surroundings and make your own workout – it will keep you feeling and looking great!

You’ve seen my hotel workout featured in Inc. Magazine and heard Sally’s travel solutions, what do you do on the road for fitness? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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