Steve Jobs. He revolutionized the fitness world.

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Sure, there were walkmans and discmans but when the iPod was introduced, it changed the world and it changed working out forever. I’d say, “I’m not sure he meant to do it”, but we all know he did. I officially am incapable of working out without my iPod. I’ve skipped a workout just because without music, what was the point? Nick even has an iPod that he can wear in the pool so that he can crank his tunes and go further and faster. Chris has an app on his phone that alerts me to when he is cycling so I can track his progress and find him in case of emergency.
There are so many tributes and wonderful things being said about Steve Jobs and how he single-handedly changed the world with his visions and technology and I have to thank him as well. 

Here’s how just the iPod changed my life…

  1. Without the iPod – there’d be no podcasting which would mean that Chris wouldn’t have created Podcast Alley, which eventually populated iTunes.
  2. If no Podcast Alley, then we would not have moved to SF and would’ve missed out on so many amazing colleagues and friends.
  3. Without the iPod – PodShow, now Mevio, which gave Chris, Nick and I years of experience and opportunities of a lifetime, never would’ve existed.
  4. Without the iPod – I wouldn’t have become an audio, then video podcaster, which changed my entire life and career path.
  5. Without the iPod, I never would’ve been able to run a marathon because my playlist is what saved my sanity over those 4 hours and 59 minutes.

Don’t even get me started about how I would function without my iPhone or my MacBook Pro that allows me to record, edit and create content no matter what my location! I know that my story is no different than any other person in technology, production, design or even fitness but I did think it was worth recognizing the greatness of one man and his impact on our world.

Thank you Steve Jobs, you made my life better.

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